Fuel Pump for OMC (GM V-6, 4.3L)

Fuel Pump for OMC (GM V-6, 4.3L)
  • Item #: 18-7289
  • Manufacturer: Sierra/Teleflex Marine
  • Meets OEM and U.S.C.G. Specifications
  • Designed Specifically for Marine Use
  • New Mounting Gasket Included
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  Replaces OEM Part Numbers:  
  OMC: 982997  
Additional Fuel Pump Identification Information:
Many fuel pumps are often used for multiple applications. Sometimes the year, model or displacement of a engine can be difficult to determine. If the original pump is available it can easily be identified two ways.

1.  Look for the flange I.D. number (the number stamped on the mounting flange or a tag attached to a screw).

2.  Checking the clock positions of your inlet, outlet and separator fittings (if applicable). To properly identify these positions hold the pump with the rocker arm facing away from you in the 12 o'clock position. Next looking at the bottom of the pump the inlet and outlet should be marked. Note the clock positions of the inlet and outlet.

Flange I.D. Number: M60201

Clock Positions:
Inlet: 2 o'clock position
Outlet: 4 o'clock position
Separator: 9 o'clock position




Item #: 18-7289
Manufacturer: Sierra/Teleflex Marine
Manufacturer's Product #: 18-7289


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